Today am going to show us how to unlock Huawei Device E5330, E5377 and E5336Bs-2 and many other E5336 series`
first we have to download the Huawei_E5336Bs_Web-UI_17. and the Huawei_E5336Bs-6_Firmware_21.
and also DC Unlocker and universal code generator Note that this method will also work 100% even when you have exceeded the
unlocking trial period.


  1. Huawei_E5336Bs-6_Firmware_21. or any other E5336 series
  2.  Huawei_E5336Bs_Web-UI_17. or any other E5336 series
  3.  DC Unlocker
  4.  universal code generator
  5.  follow this link to generate Algol 4 unlock code ( http://huaweicodecalculator.com/new-algo/index.php )

first after downloading these tools lets start with no 1 open and extract Huawei_E5336Bs_Web-UI_17.
or any other E5336 series and when asked for password open and lunch DC Unlocker switch on the device and detect the device


make sure you have the drivers installed to avoid errors after that copy out the device Imei from DC Unlocker and open and lunch
Huawei universal code generator click on generate then copy the flash code lunch the firmware Huawei_E5336Bs6_Firmware_21. ) and use it as password to flash the update, follow the wizard to flash and update the Huawei_E5336Bs-6_Firmware to Firmware_21.,
Secondly after successful updating of the software extract and lunch the Huawei_E5336Bs_WebUI_17.
we downloaded earlier under tools and follow the wizard to update and change the device webui to Huawei universal web-ui
after that login to the device console from your browser then login using

Admin as username
admin as password

now is the final stage open the Algo 4 generator and login with Facebook or gmail after that submit you device details and
imei to generate the unlocking code, copy it and put it were the device is asking for unlocking code in the device web console in your web browser and click OK and then feel the magic.



Follow this guide and please don’t forget to share post.