Express Wi-Fi by Facebook is a new program that lets phone owners purchase data from local internet service providers. Their data are very cheap, compared to prevailing internet rates. Subscribers can get 5GB monthly for just N1,600. Or 100 MB for just N40.00 for a day.
Users within the Express Wi-Fi coverage area will be able to browse the sites of Facebook Free basic platform for free, but other online activity will be require a fee.
The social networking giant,

 Facebook  partnered with one of Nigeria‚Äôs Local Internet Service Provider, CoolLink   witth aid to launch a program called Express Wi-Fi around the city of Lagos in Nieria. The service was first implemented in India and Nigeria is the second country to get the hotspots. TechSuplex reports that, the service will be launch this week, but already in operational in some part of Lagos such has Ikota Shopping Complex.
 it will be the cheapest data plans ever  Presently in Nieria, their services will only be available in Lagos and will be deployed across the country eventually, as soon as the first phase which is centred around Lagos is completed

 below are The available data plans on Express Wi-Fi  listed:
Data bundle       Cost       Validity
100MB                 N40        24hrs
300MB                 N110      24hrs
750MB                 N270      7 days
2GB                      N700      7 days
3GB                      N1000   30 days

5GB                      N1600   30 days

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