First of all root you phone with any rooting device or root manualy with kingoroo.apk then download root checker here to check if root acess was granted

Rooting your Android Device OS will enable you to do many great things such as:
Bypassing Carrier, Tethering Restrictions, Modifying System Files,-
 Hacking Carrier Networks For Free Data Services, Hiding Bandwidth Usage,
 Installing Pirated Applications,Pirating Applications, Installing Other Mobile-
 Operating Systems, Running Hacked VPN Services, Running Root Priviledge
 Applications, Spoofing MEID/ESN/IMEI Identifications, Circumventing Device Fingerprinting-
 The list goes on and on.In order to Root your Android Device OS you will need the Device System Drivers
and a premade Root Kit Package. There are countless methods of Rooting popular Android Devices.

This Tutorial cannot go into all of the various methods of Rooting, but I strongly
encourage rooting your device IMMEDIATELY. Once it is rooted and you have
the root.apk
installed you can then install the Root File Browser and modify certain System files
to disable the MSL ( Master Subsidy Lock ) Screen Check for Alternate SIM Card/APN/Networks
 on GSM 2g/3g/4g Carrier Networks thus UNLOCKING your Phone for ANY GSM Carrier Network.

If rooting manualy with kingo root apk just install it on your device and click
on the circle and waith for it to do the work.
Now download  Mtk Manager from here and install it ,open it and grant root acess and locate
Enginer mode and click choose enginer mode (mtk) look for radio information and lastly conectivity
Generate blackberry imel with BB generator for andriod or GIP for pc user
then type in some letters and clean it then type  AT+ EMGR= with space after AT+ 13 IMEL GENERATED
LIKE THIS AT+ EMGR=2456757887968775849 THEN send @ command if sent you are sucessfull
ok now restart your phone and check your imel(on settings,about phone,status)
then compare and confirm if it was the same with the one you generated