Another ad showed Grayshift claiming to be able to unlock iPhones running iOS 10 and 11, with iOS 9 support coming soon. It also claims to work on the latest Apple hardware, up to the iPhone 8 and X models released just last year. In a post from one private Google group, handed to Forbes by a source who asked to remain anonymous, the writer indicated they’d been demoed the technology and that it had opened an iPhone X.

Who are Grayshift???  Grayshift is a digital forensic company built by experts in security research. Who have recently launched the now widely known GrayKey technology that provides lawful access to iOS devices. GrayKey is the first product offering of its kind that is widely available to local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies

what is grey key?? grey key is a forensic tool used by digital forensic company to extract informations from apple locked phones with latest Operating systerm versions owned by Grayshift company

According to Ryan Duff, director of cyber solutions at Point3 Security, it appeared Grayshift had access to similar exploits as Cellebrite, namely a probable hack that targets Apple’s Secure Enclave, the isolated chip in iPhones that handles encryption keys. The Secure Enclave makes it especially time-consuming to carry out brute forcing by incrementally increasing the time between guesses, up to an hour for the ninth attempt onwards. But if it can be broken, the speed to guessing the right password can be improved.

The GreyKey  iphone unlocker came in two flavours one is  offering a $15,000 iPhone unlock tool named GrayKey, which permits 300 uses. That’s for the online mode that requires constant connectivity at the customer end, whilst an offline version costs $30,000. The latter comes with unlimited uses.

An anonymous source of MalwareBytes Labs reveals it to be a small gray box, measuring four inches square by two inches deep, with two Lightning cables on the front of the device allowing two iPhones to be connected at the same time.


Image from MalwareBytes Labs

The Said  GrayKey Tools of Grayshiftwhich costs $15,000 for an always-online version limited to 300 uses, Forbes said on Monday. An unlimited offline edition is priced at $30,000. Grayshift is said to be staffed by U.S. intelligence agency contractors and a former Apple security engineer.